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Sticky Fingers (Zipperman) .png

In order to get Sticky Fingers (no his name ain't zipper man)

get fist of the pot star that cost 1.000.000 you can get that amount of money if you sell items to the black market guy (he is near the dio boss spawn between 2 houses)

Get Saitama's Cape and use it

Use a Knife to get Purple Guy

Use a Hellish Diary and get Oni

Use the Zipper Hand and thats really all you need my friend!


E- Barrage (Hold E)

Do a op barrage (6 seconds) , Does 9.99 Damage per hit!

R- Super Ari punch! (R)

Do a super punch that makes 75 of damage

T- Is that fist getting bigger?- *oof*

Sticky Fingers stretches his fist and does a punch like super ari punch but you but you can do it from afar


Sticky Fingers do a super punch but this makes the opponent loose arms , legs you know.....

J- Beat Down

You need to be lower , like 65 hp or less , hit somebody with bd and you will make he die ,

this lows 2.5 EVERY HIT!

Z- Zipper Glide

Hold Z and you will glide , do glide on ppl to damage them "2 dmg"