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Zero Two can be obtainable by using Zero Two's Horns on Standless Requiem.


Here's some quick info if you know[]

For Standless Requiem, you just need a Requiem Arrow on Standless and there you go

Fun fact about this stand![]

(This stand ( Zero Two ) is originally from an anime called Darling in the Franxx)

It used to be S tier because it's rare

It is D tier when there is a free items update

Now it is S tier, those who still have the Stand are lucky to have an overpowered S tier Stand


This is how Zero Two looked like ( Appearance )

The Stand looks like Zero Two

Movesets about this stand[]

All I can say that Zero Two is an overpowered Stand because despite having less skills, those skills are extremely powerful and destroy enemies quite fast and easily ( My opinion ). Here are some movesets of Zero Two itself.

Normal Punch ( LMB )= Left Mouse Button[]

The user of Zero Two punches the enemy, dealing 12.5 damage per hit to the enemy itself

Deadly Barrage ( Hold E )[]

Zero Two launches a barrage of punches/kicks ( 50/50 chance of getting either of them ) at the enemy

Kick damage : 20.5

Punch damage : 22

Heart Shattering Strike ( R )[]

Zero Two does a medium ranged strike with medium speed at the enemy, dealing 110 damage

Bloody Overwrite ( T )[]

Zero Two charges their fist for a short time then will strike the enemy dealing 180 true damage

Healing Punch ( Y )[]

Zero Two charges its fist for a few seconds and heals the enemy 100 HP

Self Heal Overwrite ( B + Y )[]

Zero Two strikes their user and heals the user itself 180 health

Quick Chop ( J )[]

Zero Two uses its arm to chop the enemy dealing 75 damage, after this Zero Two will then use it's move R on the enemy dealing 110 damage. ( deals 185 damage total )

Headbutt ( V )[]

Zero Two grabs the enemy and then proceeds to headbutt the enemy, dealing 170 true damage. ( has a chance to hit twice )

Heart Splash ( P )[]

Zero Two then shoots out 10 hearts that deals 10 damage each, if all shots land then it will deal 100 damage

Time Stop ( F )[]

Zero Two then stops time for 10 seconds. When using Time Stop, Zero Two will say " Darling "

Speaking of Time Stop, Zero Two can move when any Stand uses time stop, this is called " Timestop Movement " same as CPP ( Chill Pot Platinum itself )

Thigh High ( K )[]

Zero Two uses the strength of it's leg and launches the enemy into the sky, dealing 75 true damage and temporarily ragdolling them[]

Ground Pound ( H )

Zero Two charges a punch then strikes the ground dealing 100 true damage to nearby enemies while launching them into the air

Pose (G)

poses and plays the opening of Darling in the FranXXX (Don't know if it got changed)

Pros and Cons ( My opinion )[]

Pros for Zero Two

  • Zero Two is an overpowered stand to use when in PVP and during Boss NPCs fights such as DIO and Funny Valentine. The reason why it is overpowered, it is because that its skills deals lots of damage

  • Zero Two is also liked in the community because of the original anime, or even John Roblox ( An Arsenal Youtuber who actually liked Zero Two before )

  • extremely strong stand that can only be countered by chariot requiem

  • Zero Two deals a lot of true damage (unblockable damage) which can easily counter any barrage spamming Chill pots

Cons for Zero Two

  • Zero Two has very a limited combo potential despite having skills which are overpowered

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