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How to get: 0.000000000% chance from an arrow. It can be transformed into Mary by using a Gospel which drops every 690 years at a 69% chance.


E = Mom Bomb Barrage - Deals 420 damage each punch while simultaneously putting bombs in the target and exploding them for 69 damage each.

R = Mom Bomb Demolisher - Deals 42069 damage and explodes everyone in the server near the target that was hit

Alt + F4 = Close the game.

T = Fingernail Bomb - Launches fingernails which are polished with blood at the target dealing 420 damage each

Y = mx + b Gracious Love - makes you dinner and heals you for 696969 health *100/1 chance your username is wielded by a kid*

F = You're Grounded - Slams the target into the ground and punches them 420 times in a matter of 6.9 seconds dealing 4200069000 damage and exploding everyone in the server

B = Mathematics - Starts counting numbers and kills anyone who hits the player

V = Teleport over to your dad's house - teleports 69 miles

Z = Smash Jump - Jumps up to space and homes in and smashes a target dealing 420609420609 damage

X = Cereal Box - Blocks attacks using a nutritional cereal box which heals equivalent amounts of damage taken

Gay only stand

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