A Modded Adventure Wiki

x chara is a very good spec by using x heart on standless

Note: to get host on mobile you put the y button on a norm dummy and spam y

Y + Cursor- Host. it will give you the accses to B and Q and deals 90 damage.

Q - X chara. Gives you the accses for R and E And J

B - X Sans. Gives you the accses to E R T and Y

X CHARA cons and pros. cons. E is very hard to hit.X chara does not have so many skills. pros. E and T deals so much damage, T is so ez to hit.

E - Overwrite slices. X chara cuts a purple shockwave into the air dealing 150 damage and knocking X Chara back (hold for more slices btw)

R - Purples feild. X Chara jumps. then comes back down hitting multiple dimes dealing 125 damage per hit (sometimes hit multiple)

clikc slash - just a slash.

J - Overwrite mode. Royal Guards.. they are all the same. (Unlocks T and H)

T + J Sparkle Bomb- Stomps. Then summon Pink Crystals dealing amazing damage.

H + J Heal. Heals 50 hp or sometimes full while u laggy

All for x chara.

X SANS. cons and pros. con. there is no lmb. pro. r deals big damage and lower cooldwon then underverse slice.

E - Underverse slice. - stuns. and knockbacks dealing 30 damage.

R - Glitched slice/Bones. Slices down then knocks them back into red bones dealing 80 damage at the slice and like. 500 damage for the bones.

T - X Blaster. (Broken right now) Summons a gaster blaster bur red

Y - Bone Protect (also broken ) summons bones in front. spammable

Note. Loses host when killed.