A Modded Adventure Wiki

X Chara is really good player vs player spec by using X!Heart on Standless.

(wasting your time is worth it

Note: to get host on mobile you put the y button on a norm dummyy

Q - X chara. Gives you the accses for R and E And J

B - X Sans. Gives you the accses to E R T and Y

X CHARA cons and pros. cons. E is very hard to hit. X chara does not have so many skills. pros. E and T deals so much damage, T is so easy to hit.

E - Overwrite slices. X chara cuts a purple shockwave into the air dealing 150 damage and knocking X Chara back (hold for more slices btw)

R - Purples feild. X Chara jumps. then comes back down hitting multiple dimes dealing 125 damage per hit (sometimes hit multiple)

Click slash - Just a slash.

J - Overwrite mode. Royal Guards.. they are all the same. (Unlocks T and H)

T + J Sparkle Bomb- Stomps. Then summon Pink Crystals dealing amazing damage. Damage bypasses block.

H + J Heal. Heals 50 hp or sometimes 0 while u laggy

F- Pull strike thing. X Chara says "You're only a piece of code with a script story. Whatever you say, I don't care", and then pulls the enemy dealing great damage, while giving you a short speed boost. Won't work if they are blocking.

Y- Act Erase Code. X Chara says "Act Erase Code" and whoever you have your cursor on you will teleport to if you have your cursor on them. When you teleport to them, they will be reset. Will reset them even if they block.

All for x chara.

X SANS. Cons and Pros. con. There is no lmb. pro. R deals a lot of damage and lower cooldown then Under-Verse slice.

E - Underverse slice. - stuns. and knockbacks dealing 30 damage.

R - Glitched slice/Bones. Slices down then knocks them back into red bones dealing 80 damage at the slice and 500 of the enemy health damage for the bones.

T - X Blaster. (Broken right now) Summons a gaster blaster but red.

Y - Bone Protect (also broken ) Summons Bones in front. Spammable.

Note: Loses host when killed.

All for X sans.

Combos: Activate overwrite. Use F + T which will kill most of the specs and stands in game.