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Whitesnake is the least rarest stand to get which is around a 7% chance other than Gold Experience ( GE for short ) and

Silver Chariot which is around 2%, both GE ( Gold Experience ) and SC ( Silver Chariot ) were the rarest stands to get from arrow

Whitesnake can also be used to get C-Moon by using Dio Diary

It can be used to get Made in Heaven after using C-Moon with a Dio Diary with it

Skills ( Whitesnake )
Normal Punch Dmg: 5 per hit Reload Time: None Press LMB( PC) and click ( Mobile and Tablets)
Barrage Dmg:3.5 per hit(too weak :/) Reload time: Not too sure yet Press E ( PC) and Barrage ( Mobile and Tablet)
Strong Punch Dmg: 50 per hit Reload time: Not too sure yet Press R ( PC) and Strong Punch ( Mobile and Tablet)
Taunt/Pose Does not do any damage Reload time: None Press G

Stand disc: deals about 40 damage and disables the target’s skills for some seconds

Skills ( Whitesnake )
Stand Jump Does not do any damage but makes you jump higher

( Height depends on what kind of stand you got )

Reload time: Around a short duration Press Z ( PC ) and stand jump ( Mobile and Tablet )
Block Block your opponent's stand damage and prevent them from attacking you Reload time: Not too sure Press X ( PC ) and Block ( Mobile and Tablet )
Appear You can't use any skills unless you summoned it and does not do any damage Reload time: None ( Of course ) Press Q ( PC ) and Appear ( Mobile and Tablet )
Quote Your stand text will appear and does not do any damage Reload time: None Not too sure yet


This stand can be used to make C-Moon by having Whitesnake while holding Dio Diary , which can be used to make Made in Heaven by having C-Moon while holding Dio Diary. Made in Heaven can also be evolved into Made in china by using Bootleg diary. It can also be used to evolve Made in Heaven to Made in Neon (UNOBTAINABLE) which can be gotten by using the 1M Halo (if u still have 1m halo and use it on MiH idk if it will evolve so). BUT ALSO, You can get Sonic if yo use Sonic's Shoes on Made in Heaven.

Requirements ( Evolutions )

Dio Diary

The Skills above this text is only available in the mobile version and there are more skills available to use in the pc version since the mobile version isn't fixed and completed yet ABA on mobile will be fixed by guess in like 2 or 1 years so stay tuned