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Vampiric The World is a stand obtained by using a Vampire Mask on The World.

It doesn't have any visual differences to The World, but does have many function-wise.


Use camera in VTW to get Shadow The World.


Punch/Kick barrage: Vampiric The World either kicks or punches 40 times. There is a 50/50 chance of VTW either kicking or punching, both with different hitbox, Does 5.5 damage every punch.

T: Knife Throw:

VTW (or the user) throws a single knife. Has a cooldown of 3 seconds, and freezes in Time Stop. Does 15 damage each knife.

Y: Vampiric Blood Drain:

The user chokes 30 hp out of the opponent, healing in the process. The user can move while sucking the blood, and victims will be dragged with the user while the move is active, very good to keep you Alive!

Z: Stand Jump:

Leap vertically high into the air with the help of your Stand.

V: Space Ripper Stingy Eyes:

The player charges up a laser from their eyes and fires it, doing 40 damage altogether.

B: Vaporization Freezing Technique:

The user throws their arms out while yelling "BEHOLD THE OBLIVION OF DEATH!", before picking up the victim, encases them in ice, and throws them far, shattering the ice. Deals 75 damage altogether. It has a bug where you use this attack on a enchanced (edit if wrong) dummy, it will give you extra health, bypassing the health limit.

F: Time Stop:

The user stops time for 5 seconds. All projectiles will be delayed while in this state, and damage will stack up. When the 5 seconds end, time will resume, as the screen gains black-gray and white color.

Vampiric The World's Road Roller Attack (J button.)


The player jumps up with a long delay, before throwing a steamroller down, crushing them. The user then jumps onto the roadroller, and punches the steamroller to crush the enemy even more, before doing a final MUDA and destroying the roadroller. The entire attack lasts 9 seconds, and it even prolongs the time stop. After the move finishes, the time stop will immediately end.

G: Pose.

make your opponent die of a stroke and lie dead on the floor until they dissapear

This stand improves its prevolution in so many ways, yet people prefer the evolved version more. Despite the low value, VTW is a pretty good stand, but does heavily rely on Time Stop, which some stands ignore or even cancel. This stand is best for pvp with humans or bots from my experience with it.