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"Did you seriously think you could stand up to me? IMBECILE!"


Vampire is a spec from Phantom Blood. It is obtained by using a vampire mask on any stand except for The World and Vampire itself.


LMB Vampiric Punch Normal punch but it has the power of a vampire. 7.5DMG/hit 0.5 secs
E Vampiric Barrage The user strikes the enemy with very fast punches 8DMG/punch 7 secs
R Superhuman Punch The user strikes the enemy with a very powerful punch 22.5DMG 9 secs
T Space Ripper Stingy Eyes The user creates lasers from the user's eyes and strikes the enemy with the laser. 20DMG/laser 10 secs
Y Blood Suck The user jab the opponent and drink the enemy's blood 30DMG


12 secs
F Vaporization Freezing Technique The user freezes the opponent, then shatters him/her to pieces 75DMG 25 secs
V Vampiric Leap The user leapes. No DMG 3 secs

Evolved Forms

Vampire + Vampire Mask = Kars

if you don’t wanna waste any money from A Modded Shop just to get vampire u can at least use a vampire mask since you can find it around the map so yea problem solved buddy :)

How to obtain


(Since There Is A Free Items Update Btw You Can Still Get This Tho)