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ULF (Trello)

Ultimate Life Form is a spec obtained by using an Aja Mask on Kars.


Q: Determination: Same thing as Kars Determination, but leaves a small infinite damage boost after the move finishes.

E: Ultimate Bone blades: Many consecutive hits each producing a large SFX, before ULF uses a Bone Blade Dash to make sure the enemy is dead. 3 Damage then 17.995 Damage, 17 Damage per hit then 98.9725 Damage with Determination. 15 Damage per hit then 89.975 DMG after Determination is over.

R: Bone Blade Dash: Dash forward, like Light Mode Dash but less cooldown. 22.95 Damage, 126.225 Damage with Determination. 114.75 Damage after Determination is over

T: ultimate succ: ULF sucks the blood out of his victims, dealing damage and healing them. The move finishes off with a Ultimate Pillar Man Kick. 22.95 Damage then 22.5 Damage, 126.225 Damage then 123.75 Damage with Determination, heals 30 HP for the user. 114.75 Damage then 112.5 Damage after Determination is over.

F: Ultimate Vaporization Freezing Attack: Same thing as Vampire's freeze attack but more deadly, also plays a remix of Taku Iwasaki's Awaken. (This is broken I think, or maube they removed it))

38 Damage, 207 Damage with Determination. 188 Damage after Determination is over.

H: Ultimate Dazing Kick: Kicks the opponent far away. 17.5 Damage, 96.25 Damage with Determination. 87.5 Damage after Determination is over.

Z: Ultimate Pillar Man Leap: Jump VERY high into the air, being able to evade almost everybody.

V: Ultimate Pillar Man Dash: Dash forward with extra distance. Doesn't do any damage, just to get around the map easier.

B: "i can control light": AKA Bootleg Chara move. Send a deadly slash through the air, and is ULF's only way to go long-ranged. Always does 54 damage.

G: AWAKEN MY BUSTAS: WHAMUU! Pose, as a remix of the original Awaken plays in the background.


R+T+E+B+H (Medium)

Q+R+B+E (Easy)

B+R+F+E+T+R (Hard)

template and combos made by bruhgno