True Pot Platinum can be obtained by using POT's Diary on Green Platinum, True Pot Platinum is also one of the final evolution for Shadow Pot Platinum

How to get True Pot Platinum ( Full Summary )[edit | edit source]

  1. You first need to use a Reborn Arrow on Standless, this gives you Shadow Pot Platinum
  2. Use DIO's Diary on Shadow Pot Platinum, this will give you Green Platinum
  3. Finally, use a POT's Diary on Green Platinum, and you get True Pot Platinum

Appearance[edit | edit source]

This is a closer look on how True Pot Platinum looked like

This appears to be the same design as Shadow Pot Platinum, there are a few changes to this stand

  1. It has a three pot stacked together on its head
  2. Fully-Armored
  3. More details and accessories ( Eg: Scaff, Armor Details )
  4. Added body parts ( eg: Legs )
  5. Change of Colour
  • It used white as its stand colour ( eg: Armor ), there are some blue details and parts on it ( eg: eyes, armor details, chest colour ), the pots itself was grey in colour

Movesets of True Pot Platinum[edit | edit source]

Passives - None, They nerfed it or removed them by accident, however the old passives used to be infinite rotation and timestop movement


LMB ( Pot Ascended Punch ) -- LMB means Left Mouse Button[edit | edit source]


E ( Pot Ascended Ora Barrage ) -- Hold E[edit | edit source]

True Pot Platinum will throw multiple fist to the enemy, dealing the enemy 15 damage per hit. This barrage lasted forever and it is unstoppable, so the only way of stopping it is to reset

R ( Pot Ascended Heavy Ora Punch )[edit | edit source]

True Pot Platinum will throw its fist, with a heavy blow, dealing 54 damage to the enemy and it is a spammable skill. When True Pot Platinum hits the enemy, a white blast explosion will appear, just like the skill Reality Overwrite in some stands but instead it does not banish even the enemy is in low health

Y ( Heal Restoration ) -- Hold Y[edit | edit source]

True Pot Platinum will perform a barrage to the enemy, but instead dealing them enemy, it heals the enemy 3.3 health per hit

Y + Cursor ( Self Heal Restoration ) -- Hold Y[edit | edit source]

Just like Heal Restoration, True Pot Platinum will perform a barrage, but this time, True Pot Platinum will hit its user itself, heals the user 3.3 health per hit. In order to do Self Heal Restoration, click the cursor on the user while holding Y .

Z ( Pot Ascended Stand Jump )[edit | edit source]

Both True Pot Platinum and its user will stand jump, jumping at a extremely high height and long distance

N ( Pot Ascended Big Bang )[edit | edit source]

True Pot Platinum will do a timestop animation, instead releasing a huge effect bubble, an area damage which destory players nearby this skill. When in contact, this skill will deal 500 damage to those players who came near the skill ( May insta-kill most of the stands in AMA ). This skill also can attack Enchanced Dummies without being negated, thus when after releasing a huge effect bubble, players will either knockback or get destoryed

F ( Pot Ascended Timestop )[edit | edit source]

Both True Pot Platinum and its user will stop time, while saying " Star Platinum Za Warudo " ( " Star Platinum : The World ) , this timestop lasted for around 15 seconds

V ( Pot Ascended Star Blast )[edit | edit source]

When using this skill, True Pot Platinum will released a huge circular blast to the enemy which launches forward instead of area damage. When using this skill, the screen will go a bit dark for around a few seconds after using.

B ( Pot Ascended Slam )[edit | edit source]

True Pot Platinum will slam the ground with its fist while shouting " ORA ", Nearby enemies will launch up into the sky after using the skill, dealing moderate damage to the enemies that were launched into the sky

T ( Pot Ascended Banishing Punch / Pot Ascended Reality Overwrite )[edit | edit source]

True Pot Platinum will throw its fist to the enemy, dealing the enemy some damage, but if your enemy is on low health ( Maybe like 60 or lower ), they can be banished as its special death animation just like Reality Overwrite. Thus releasing a huge yellow and white blast when hitting the enemy

G ( Pose )[edit | edit source]

Both True Pot Platinum will strike a pose, also include some cool music when posing. This pose is the same pose as for Golden Experience Requiem

Pros and Cons[edit | edit source]

Pros about True Pot Platinum : It has an highly overpowered stand, with skills that could actually insta-kill some stands in the game ( eg : Pot Ascended Big Bang , Pot Ascended Barrage ), it also has a high durability with a health of 325 health ( May be a same health as Chill Pot Platinum )

Cons about True Pot Platinum : The only problem that it is bad about this stand is its barrage, it lasted forever and you can't stop the barrage so people can attack you freely

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