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True Pot Platinum Moveset Probably

Ora Barrage (HIGH PITCHED) [E]

True Pot Plat throws a barrage dealing 15 damage

Ora Punch (HIGH PITCHED) [R]

This deals a good damage and is Spammable

Reality Overwrite (HIGH PITCHED) [T]

This deals probably around 70 damage or something

Heal Barrage (HIGH PITCHED) [Y]

This heals a player (B+Y IF YOU WANT TO HEAL YOURSELF)

Time Stop [F]

True pot platinum stops time for about 18 secs!!!!!!!! (POGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG)

Rainbow Blast [V]

True Pot Platinum throws a big ball with rainbow causing a lot of damage

Ground Slam [B]

True pot platinum slams the ground

Sleep [H]

True Pot Platinum does that and no one can attack during they sleep

and theres another move I dont know what to call it and its the N Key

True pot platinum does an animation like time stop. instead it damages nearby people. the damage is 500