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Trowel is a item that can be bought Bizarre Shop for 100,000 Lires ( 100K ) , it can be used to dig some sand patches at Dio's Graveyard which is the dessert. The area can be found at the left side of the PVP arena in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ). The trowel can be used for around 2-3 times before it was broken, meaning you have to buy one again once a trowel (BROKE. DISCLAIMER: THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED)

Update: I make a page about DIO's Graveyard area regarding to the new map revamp : DIO's Graveyard Area

Appearance ( Trowel )

Here is a closer look on how Trowel looked like

This item is like a shovel, but smaller as it is a small hand tool. The handle of the trowel is a bit curvy and it was in light brown. The front part of the Trowel is a bit grey in color


When digging up sand patches, some items such as DIO's Diary or Banknote can be found. Each item you find depends on luck based, here is some items you can find in sand patches which is in Dio's Graveyard.

  1. Banknote ( Common ) -- This has a high chance dropping
  2. No items ( Common / Uncommon ) -- There will be a chance where it will not give you any items, but this stuff commonly happen ( Maybe )
  3. Vampire Mask ( Common / Uncommon )
  4. DIO's Diary ( Uncommon ) -- This item cannot be find around the map except in Dio's Graveyard, this item is worth it for most of the players in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ) in my opinion
  5. Essence of the Pot God ( Rare )
  6. Full Form Emerald ( Epic )
  7. Knife (Epic)
  8. Hyper's Chaos Emerald ( Legendary )

Honorable mention : Ender Pearl ( Not too sure what rarity is this )

Dio's Graveyard Area

Here is a closer look on how Dio's Graveyard Area looked like

The patches that are covered is sand patches. You will need a trowel in order to interact with it, sand patches will respawned after using the trowel. Dio's Graveyard Area have some palm trees and a waterfall. It also has a coffin for DIO while having the menacing texts above it. The land will changed due to some sessions, for example ( Sand replaced with Snow during Christmas ) i think

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