The World AU Over Heaven is obtained via using a Diego Requiem Arrow or DIO's Diary on The World AU.

Moveset:[edit | edit source]

E: MUDA MUDA barrage:[edit | edit source]

Barrage. Does 6.25 damage each punch.

R: MU~DA Heavy Punch:[edit | edit source]

1 heavy hitting attack. Does 45 damage, and a HUGE special effect. It basically has the strength of an Over Heaven Punch.

T: MUDA MUDA heavy punch:[edit | edit source]

Does 87.5 damage. Cool special affect.

Y: EH NANIIIII:[edit | edit source]

Does a heavy punch with cool effects.

F: "ZA WARUDO! OVER HEAVEN!":[edit | edit source]

Stop time for 7 seconds. Bullets/Knives don't move in this state, and only resume their behaviour when the time stop ends.

H: Ground pound:[edit | edit source]

The World AU Over Heaven punches the ground and sends enemy flying. I can't see the damage.

G: Menacing Pose:[edit | edit source]

Do an epic pose, meanwhile the Eyes of Heaven Results theme plays.

Z: Stand Jump:[edit | edit source]

Jump in the air with high momentum. Doesn't do any damage, as far as I know, and is rather mediocre in distance.Quotes:


This stand currently doesn’t work for mobile it works for pc but is broken for mobile sorry

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