In this world, Johnny Joestar is my greatest test. And I will overcome that test and kill him without fail.


DA MUDA" 3 Punch Combo: Does a triple hit punch, dealing 24.5 damage each punch. Doesn't count as a barrage, but still shares some traits.

R: MU~DA Heavy Punch: Does a single strong punch, knocking the opponent rather far and doing 45 damage.

T: Knife Throw: Throw 4 knives, 2 at a time. Does 50 damage each knive, ending up with an outstanding 200 DAMAGE if all knives connect.

Y: Revolver Shot: The World AU (or you) take out an edgy revolver and shoot your opponent like it's high noon. Does 50 damage every bullet.


Same quotes as The World AU Over Heaven, as far as I know.

two ways of getting this, from arrow or holy corpse on scary monsters


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