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The World


The World


Destructive Power





A (175 HP)

Descriptionedit | edit source

The world is a common arrow stand.


E-Muda Barrage: The World sends a flurry of 40 quick punches or kicks. It has a 50/50 percent chance of kick or punching barrage-5 dmg per punch

R-Wryy Strike: The World strikes your opponent with a very strong punch dealing 35 dmg

T-Knife Throw: The player throws a knife. This move is ideally used to damage enemies from long distances can. The knife will do a lot of damage if thrown close to the victim during Time Stop.(currently broken )

Y - Shinei!: The World shortly stops time and teleports behind your opponent thrusting it‘s fist into them, This attack cannot be dodged and does 60 dmg. (needs to have cursor over opponent)

F - ZA WARUDO!: After 2 seconds of delay, The World Stops Time For 5 Seconds, this freezes all users in-game.

(Tusk Act 4,Star Platinum And GER Can Bypass This And Walk In Time stop).


Use tw+ vampire mask for Vampiric The World

Use tw + dio diary for The World Over Heaven

Use tw + bootleg diary for Meme World

Also Diver Down And THE WORLD has same health.