A Modded Adventure Wiki

You can get this stand by using Heaven arrow on fist of the pot god

Warning:This stand is extremely rare


The e move is a barrage that gives a walkspeed boost and does 55 damage per hit and last for 10 seconds

The v move is a spammable teleport that is a short distance

The R move is a heavy punch that does 375 and has a moderate windup

The z move is gliding with wings like a duck

The c move is a regular roll

The x move is a block that blocks out all attacks

The f move is a time stop that lasts an amazing 30 seconds

The g is a counter to attacks

The p is a pose that plays the duck song and turns you into a duck while posing

The y is a self heal barrage that heals 5 health per hit

E+B is a barrage that heals other people for 10 per hit.


Timestop movement

Infinite Rotation

Increased walkspeed