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To Get Purple Guy You Need To Buy Fist Of The Pot Star, This Is Obtained By Buying It From Menacing Dummy For 1,000,000 Lire.

After Buying Fist of The Pot Star You Must Use Saitama's Cape On It, Saitama's Cape Spawns Randomly Across The Map, This'll Give You Saitama.

After Using The Saitama's Cape, You Need To Use Knife Of Saitama, Knife Will Spawn Randomly Across The Map, This Will Give You Purple Guy.

E: Barrage[]

Barrage Will Last For Around 20-10 Seconds, And Hits Around Twice Every Second, These Hits Will Do 8 Or So Damage.

R: Heavy Punch[]

Heavy Punch Will Wind Up Until Finally Releasing, Doing 30 Damage And Knocking The Opponent Away.

T: Pose[]

When Pressing T You Will Snap Into A Pose, Your Character Will Face Away From Its Front And Levitate-ish.

Y: Heavy Stab[]

Heavy Stab Works Almost Identical To Heavy Punch, Except It Does 30 Damage And Will Grab The Opponent, Rag-dolling Them Into The Player.

F: Time Stop[]

Time Stop Will.. Well Stop Time, Your Player Will Let Out A Screaming Animation, Then Slowing Down Time For 20 Or So Seconds, This Can Be Stopped Instantly By Pressing F Again.

X: Block[]

Block Will Block An Attack From The Opponent, Stopping You From Taking Damage.

N: Voice Line[]

Pressing N Will Make Your Character Say "My heart is burning with the heat of a raging fire! Feel the resonating beat of my pulse!".