Sticky FIngers

To Get Sticky Fingers Get 1,000,000 lire. Then go to the Menacing Dummy next to a Tree in between some buildings and talk to him. Get The Fist of the Pot Star. Then use Saitama Cape, Once you have Saitama, use Knife. After getting Purple Guy from the knife use Hellish Diary to get Oni. Once you have Oni, use ZipperHand to get Sticky Fingers. now you got sticky fingers very cool

E - Ari Barrage - Deals 9.99 damage per hit.

R - ARI! - A strong punch that deals 75 damage.

T - Take This! - A strong punch that deals 65 damage and launches enemy into the air.

Y - Sorry, But I'll need that body part for something. - Deals 47.5 damage and removes a limb from whomever is hit.

H - Arrivederci. - Literally just R.

J - You're Gonna Fail No Matter What, Your Just a Piece Of Poop. (Must be red health in order to use) - Pretty much a beatdown. First punch will do 65 damage and start the beatdown, each hit will deal 2.5 damage, ending with a punch that deals 75 damage.

V - Where Could've I gone? - A mid range teleport, not spammable.

Z - Stand Jump

C - Roll

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