A Modded Adventure Wiki

It's stats are an A for Durability, an A for Speed, and a B for Destructive Power

Can be evolved into cream by using a stone mask on SP:TW

Gives player 200 HP

E - Mediocre Ora Barrage

A medium damage barrage that deals 5 damage per hit. R - Heavy Ora Punch

Star Platinum The World throws a heavy punch that does 35 damage and decent knock back.

H - Pull

Star Platinum The World lands a hit that does 25 damage and knocks the target towards the player.

Y - Timestop Heavy Ora Punch

You hit your target in timestop, appearing as if you've teleported behind them. This deals good damage.

F - Short Timestop

You timestop for a short while.

V - Timestop dash

You dash in timestop

Z - Stand jump

You jump a far distance