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Star Platinum Requiem (STR) Can Be Obtained By Using a Jotaro's Requiem Arrow On Star Platinum.

Cannot evolve


LMB (Left Mouse Button)- punch, that does 50 damage

Hold-E| 15.54 dmg and is 16 or 17 seconds barrage lasts

This is how the stand looks like

Star Platinum Requiem

R- Heavy punch- Does 95.8 damage

T- Star Finger- Does 50 damage

Y- Donut- Does 57.99 (58 Dmg)

V- Teleporting- 4 seconds cooldown (not that much sure, but u can see the cooldown yourself by spamming the V key) (Actually like 5 or 6 seconds cooldown I think)

G- Pose

F- Time stop- Stops time for 12 seconds (Probably like 15 or 14 seconds, also like permanently increases speed i guess.)

X- Block

Z - Upward Jump - Only mentioned this because the jump really just goes up instead of forward.