Star Platinum req


E Ora Barrage (Does 15.54 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Beats The Target With A Super Speed Barrage.

R Strong Ora Punch (Does 95.8 dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Forcefully Drives Its Fist Into The Target,Dealing A Superior Amount Of Dmg.

T Star Finger (Does 50 dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Reaches Out With Its Fingers To Hit An Enemy From Afar, With A Range Of 10 Studs. It Deals Good Dmg.

Y Time Smite (Does 57.99 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Lays A Beat-Down Onto The Target Using Time Stop.

F Time Stop (Does 0 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Unleashes The World, Stopping Time For 10 Seconds. (20 SECOND COOLDOWN)

Z Stand Jump (Does 0 Dmg) Star Platinum Requiem Does A Low Distance Jump But With a High Height.

V Teleport (Does 0 Dmg) The Player Will Teleport To The Location Of Their Cursor, The Range Of The Ability Is Really Far.

G Pose (Does 0 Dmg) You Pose With Star Platinum Requiem While Hearing To Stand Proud

N Quote You Will Say Something Random Like Good Grief I Had a Great Time Beating You Up Or Your Too Dam Loud

How To Obtain



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(this dude’s range is actually that frickin good) (this stand is very pog)

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