Use Dio's Diary On Star Platinum For SPOH

SPOH doing his Ascended ORA barrage

Moveset[edit | edit source]

===E - Ascended ORA


Launch a barrage that deals a 7.25 dmg each punch

R - Ascended ORA Punch[edit | edit source]

Launch a punch and deals a fine amount of dmg

T - Reality Overwriting: Star Banish[edit | edit source]

Star Platinum Over Heaven charges his right hand for a couple of seconds, before unleashing a potent blow of damage (Reality Overwrite does 87.5 damage to the target.). If this hits a target that has VERY low health (usually at least 20-1 Percent), it will banish them.

Y - Overwrite: Restoration Blows[edit | edit source]

Star Platinum: Over Heaven punches the target but instead of dealing them 7.25 damage, it will deal healing damage, healing the target by 1 point. (Star Platinum punches the target 80 times if fully used, so it heals the target 80 HP fully used.)

B + Y: Reality Overwrite: Self-Restoration Barrage[edit | edit source]

Star Platinum: Over Heaven punches the user, healing them 1.1 points per hit. (If used fully, it will be 45 points of healing.)

F: Ascended Timestop[edit | edit source]

SPOH and the user do a animation that lasts, 2 seconds, and stopping time for 10 seconds. Projectiles will stop in time if launched, and damage will stack up until time resumes.

V: Reality Warping Star Blast[edit | edit source]

SPOH charges up it's fist then proceeds to throw a fast gigantic ball of energy that deals extremely high damage when a target is hit. (And you jump higher after you use it -Ursulpolal)

Evolve into Coffin(stand) by using Coffin(item)

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