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E: Ora Barrage (Does 6.54 Dmg) Does Unusual Dmg. 6-7 Dmg Also Ends With A Very Good Punch (100 Dmg Pog)

R: Retro Strong Ora Punch (Does 35 Dmg)

T: Retro Star Finger (Does 25 Dmg and stuns)

G: Pose You Pose With SP:HFTF While Hearing To Jotaro Kujos Theme From JJBA:HFTF

F: Retro Time Stop SP:HFTF Stops Time For Only 5 Seconds (Does 0 Dmg)

N: Qoutes Yarou Yare Yare Daze Your Judge Will Be My Stand Yarou (quotes have been updated in the game)

H: Time Stop Movement when someone time stops you can press the H button to move in ts for only 5 split seconds just like tusk act 4

B: I Guess Another Barrage Finisher??

How To Obtain

Standless+Arrow=SP:HFTF (200 Hp)


SP:HFTF+DioDiary=SP:HFTFOH (250 Hp)


In stand storage this is called Shiny Star Platinum

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