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Star Platinum is not really hard to get as it has around 40% chance from obtaining from Arrow ( The Normal Arrow )


Star Platinum, also known as (スタープラチナ) in Romaji ( Japanese ) and " 星の白金 " in Kanji ( Japanese ) is the stand ability of Jotaro Kujo. This stand can also be evolved in different ways

Here's how Star Platinum looked like

Star Platinum's Appearance

This stand have a long spiky hair with a golden hairband with a diamond around its hair. It have gloves with 10 yellow dots at the side of the glove , it also have a red scarf around its neck. It has black boots with knee pad which is yellow and black. Its arm has gloves and have elbow pad. It also have a loincloth around its waist

Star Platinum's Movesets

E ( Barrage ) = Hold E

Its barrage is a medium length barrage, dealing 5.96 ( Almost 6 ) damage per punch to the enemy itself

R ( Strong Punch )

When using this skill, Star Platinum punches the enemy with his enemy with a strong force ( unlike normal punch ), it is a decent strong punch which deals 56.94 damage to the enemy

T ( Star Finger )

This skill is broken, thus i tried searching for references and i did not find it, but i can described how it looked like*

When using this skill, Star Platinum uses its finger, at the length of a few cms, hitting enemies from far ( Not so far )

F ( Time Stop )

This time stop is only for 1.5 seconds ( It's fast and you do not have time to destory your enemies, so technically it is useless and why will people want to use it )

This is how the pose will look like

G ( Pose )

By pressing G, Star Platinum and the user of Star Platinum will do a pose

X ( Block )

Star Platinum will move in front of you, doing the defensive stance, which gives lesser damage when blocking

C ( Roll )

A Simple roll that only lasted for a few seconds, it is useful as it will help to move and dodge faster with it

Z ( Stand Jump )

Star Platinum and the user will stand jump, travelling moderate distances and moderate height

Star Platinum's Special move is to move in time stop press H and you can move in time for long but not that long it jsut like Tusk Act 4 time stop movement Button it can be used to escape from toxic players or from road rollers or you can just go in a suicide mission to kill the guy who road roller it may work but you die most of the time

Stand Evolution

There are some evolutions for Star Platinum, here is some that can evolve Star Platinum into

  • Star Platinum Over Heaven ( SPOH )

( Use a DIO's Diary on Star Platinum to get Star Platinum Over Heaven -- Star Platinum + DIO's Diary = Star Platinum Over Heaven )

  • Evil Spirit ( Unobtainable )

( Use Jotaro's Hat on Star Platinum, but instead of Evil Spirits, it will give you Null, which does not have any special abilities , but it used to give you Evil Spirits )

  • Star Platinum Requiem

( Use Jotaro's Requiem Arrow on Star Platinum to get Star Platinum Requiem -- Star Platinum + Jotaro's Requiem Arrow = Star Platinum Requiem )

  • Bootleg Silver Chariot

( Use Bootleg's Diary on Star Platinum to get Bootleg Silver Chariot -- Star Platinum + Bootleg's Diary = Bootleg Silver Chariot )

This evolution is quite weird as you can't turn from Star Platinum to Silver Chariot, it is confusing me :/

  • Galaxy Star Platinum Over Heaven

( Use POT's Diary on Star Platinum Over Heaven to get Galaxy Star Platinum Over Heaven -- Star Platinum Over Heaven + POT's Diary = Galaxy Star Platinum Over Heaven )

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