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  • Q- What is a Stands Value Tier List
  • Q- Why do we have it
  • Stands Tier List
    • Unobtainable stands
    • S tier stands
    • A Tier Stands
    • B Tier Stands
    • C tier stands
    • D tier stands
    • Types of Stands Tier List

Q- What is a Stands Value Tier List[]

A stands value tier list is to determine what kind of stands you have based on its rarity and its skills itself

Q- Why do we have it[]

It is to prevent from getting scammed, you may never know that you have a better stand than the person you are trading with

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Stands Tier List[]

( Keep in reminder that this page will be edited frequently due to recent update such as new stands being released into A Modded Adventure or there are some errors or editing that could be changed or edited)

There are a few types of stand

  • Unobtainable
  • S Tier ( The rarest normal types of stands )
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier ( The most worthless types of stands.)

Unobtainable stands[]

Unobtainable stands are stands that cannot be obtainable in the game itself now because it is either available for only in some events such as tournaments or it is an admin stand / Custom stand

  • Made in Neon ( An Limited stand can be transformed by using an 1M Halo, which is an limited item only in that event )
  • Evil Spirits ( Do not use Jotaro's Hat on Star Platinum, it used to give you Evil Spirit with it but now it still gives you a stand but it's Null )
  • Queen Crimson ( This stand is only available in Sandbox Mode )
  • Nitro Platinum ( I am not too sure how to get it but now it is an unobtainable, does A modded adventure have a discord, if so then buy nitro for the server )
  • Flushed King Crimson ( Tournament Stand )
  • Sally Platinum ( Custom / Admin Stand )
  • Shadow Star Platinum (Obtainable by using Camera on Evil Spirits)
  • 10K Pot Platinum (no link)
  • 600K D4C (no link)
  • Made On Hallows Eve (Has a link) (Obtainable every halloween) (obtained by using Dio's Diary on C-Moon with a 1/10 chance)
  • Vapor Wave Killer Queen (no link)

S tier stands[]

S tier stands are obtainable and it is the rarest type of stand, other than Unobtainable.

  • Silver Chariot Requiem ( Can be transformed by using Black Requiem's Arrow on Silver Chariot )
  • Meme Experience Requiem (Made by using Requiem Arrow on Meme Experience)
  • Made On Christmas Eve (Made by using Dio's Diary on C-Moon with a 1/10 chance.) MOCE is also becoming unobtainable after the event, so this will be moved to Unobtainable soon. (Made On Christmas Eve is also Trade locked. You can only trade it through the Marketplace Sell Stand feature.
  • Golden Experience Requiem (Made by using Requiem Arrow on Golden Experience.
  • Meme Experience (Made by using Bootleg Diary on Golden Experience.)
  • Golden Experience Requiem OH ( Over Heaven ) (Made by using Dio's Diary on Golden Experience Requiem.) GEROH is also a buffed version of regular GER and MER because it deals more damage.

A Tier Stands[]

A tier stands are also obtainable stands but less rare than S Tier Stands

B Tier Stands[]

B tier stands are obtainable stands but less rare than O, S, and A, tier stands.

  • Chill Pot Platinum (CPP) ( Can be transformed by using Cone , 1/10 of getting this stand )
  • Sonic EXE ( Can be transformed by using Hellish Diary on Sonic )
  • Made in Heaven ( Can be transformed by using Dio's Diary on C-Moon)
  • Sonic ( Can be transformed by using Sonic's Shoe on Made in Heaven )
  • Made in China ( Can be transformed by using Bootleg's Diary on Made in heaven )
  • Whitesnake ( Can be obtainable from Arrow )

C tier stands[]

C tier stands are obtainable but less rarer than the top 3 tiers ( S, A and B tier stands , Unobtainable is not counted )

D tier stands[]

D tier stands are the worst valued stands. These stands are the most common, and all stands that don't have a fixed chance of getting, or don't have a low chance of obtaining from a item or arrow, goes here. ( Some of the rare stands from the past has dropped to this tier due to free items, now people can get it easily and there is no use of having a rare stand)

Types of Stands Tier List[]

There are two types of Stands tier list, PVP and Values, The Link below will bring you to the Stands PVP tier list,

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