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Standless is the First stand for a player to have after joining the game for the very first time.

Currently the strongest stand in the game. (this is a joke lol)


R (Heavy Punch) = a heavy punch which deals unlimited damage, no cooldown

LMB (Punch) = Normal punch that deals unlimited damage, no cooldown

E (Barrage) = Consecutive punches with unlimited damage, no cooldown

F (Timestop) Infinite timestop, no cooldown

Z (Jump) Jump, same as stand jump. no cooldown

C ( Roll) = Roll, no cooldown

T(Kick) Literally kick, the standless user kicks the enemy literally kicking them out of the game, also no cooldown

After all, deez nuts

Evoloutions of Standless[]


Evoloution starts from here:

Arrow = Random arrow stands: there are a lot of arrow stands (Some are put in A tier. if you want to know more, go to this link: Stands Value Tier List#A Tier Stands ps: the link is for the A tier arrow stands. for the low rank ones, go here: Stands Value Tier List#D tier stands ps 2.0: there is also 1 B tier stand view it here Stands Value Tier List#B Tier Stands)

Requiemo Arrow = Standless Requiem ( Standless Requiem has only 1 evoloution which is = Zero Two)

Knife = You will get Chara upon using knive on standless (Chara can be evolved with a item called Heart (Not the white heart, or Empty Heart)

Empty Heart = Sans (Sans is kinda gud it has INSANE KNOCKBACK along with these : auto counter which cannot counter overwrites, over heaven and ger dmg sadly, and gaster blasters which deal dmg)

Reborn Arrow = Shadow Pot Platinum (Only has 111 health but its like SPOH = Overwrite Ground Slams and even a white ball blast. this stand can also be evolved with DIO's Diary )

X!Tale Heart = X Chara ( an X!Tale version of chara, which has an Erase code which kills anybody nomather how much their health is)

A special note to New players in A Modded Adventure[]

Hello noobs! haha noob