Standless is the spec you get when you are new to the game. There are many things that can be use on Standless in order to get Stand / Spec. Standless is the user itself when they have no stands / spec ( abilities )

Items that evolve Standless[edit | edit source]

Here are some items that can used to evolve Standless

  • Stand Arrow ( Arrow that gives you a random stand which are not evolved yet )
  • Reborn Arrow ( Gives you Shadow Pot Platinum when used on Standless )
  • Requiem Arrow ( Gives you Standless Requiem if it was used on Standless )
  • Vampire Mask ( Gives you Vampire when used on Standless )
  • X-Soul Heart ( Gives you X Chara when used on Standless )
  • Hat ( Gives you One More Time when used on Standless )
  • Holy Corpse's Left Eye ( Gives you Scary Monsters when used on Standless )

Another way to get Stands / Specs[edit | edit source]

Depsite not using items, you can even get stands for buying or even getting by using quests. Here is some places you can get stands / specs

  • Gyro ( You can get Spin from Gyro for 3K Lers )
  • Menacing Dummy ( Who is leaning the tree, menacing. You can get Fist of the Pot Star for 100000 Lers ( 1M Lers )
  • iwantbewinston ( You can get Samurai by doing a quest )

Movesets of Standless[edit | edit source]

Standless has a very limited skills to use, just resembles a normal adult's strength itself

LMB ( Normal Punch )[edit | edit source]

The user itself ( Standless ) will punch the enemy, dealing 5 damage per hit to the enemy

R ( Strong Punch )[edit | edit source]

The user itself will punch the enemy with a heavy blow, dealing 15 damage to the enemy

C ( Roll )[edit | edit source]

The user will roll forward when using the skill

Appearance[edit | edit source]

There is no changes to your avatar, but the idle animation changes ( No photo about Standless )

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