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Spin does not have a direct appearance, but seemingly turns your hand green from using Q or T. It is mainly just a projectile, but has decent melee too.


Our longest route is the shortest shortcut...

Q: Spin-Infused Chop: Chop your opponent with spin. Does 32.5 damage per hit.

E: Spin Throw: Yeet a Steel Ball at your enemy with your right hand. Does 25 damage every Steel Ball.

R: Right-Hand Spin Throw: Same thing as E, except you use your left hand. Exactly the same damage output.

T: Spin-Infused Jab: Lunge your arm at the opponent, dealing 30 damage. A weaker version of Q, but lower cooldown.

F: Nuclear Spin: Fire glowing spin at the enemy. The move has a huge hitbox, and deals 75 damage.

Z: Spin Jump: Make a weird sound while doing a very impressive stand jump, with lots of air time.

Can be evolved to tusk act 1 with Holy Corpse