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Specs are anything that fills up a stand slot, but is not a stand. All titles in blue, E.G Vampire, are actual articles. Go read them cuz I don't use specs. No offense to the names of the links, by the way.

Specs include:

laser beam muda muda ice spec

pillar person

ultimate pillar person

bootleg anubis

bootleg anubis but it's better than anubis and only for rich people

green spinny things

Smell the sun: Obtained via going to the Modded Shop and buying it for 1500 pounds. Allows you to attack people with Hamon, but Vampire is pretty much surperior because of the evolutions and wider attack range.

One More Time: Obtained by using the Hat on Standless. Pretty mediocre stand, so don't bother looking for it.

Samurai: Learned by completing all of the Samurai's Quests. Almost as powerful as Chara, and cannot be traded in any way.

Sonic: GOTTA GO FAST! Become sonic by using the Sonic Shoes on Made in Heaven.

Sonic.exe: YOU'RE TOO SLOW! Become the demon himself, Sonic.exe, by using a Hellish Diary on Sonic.

Fist of the Pot Star: Gain this power by buying it from the menacing dummy. Evolves into Fist of the Pot God.

Fist of the Pot God: Obtained by using the Essence of the Pot God on Fist of the Pot Star.

Saitama: Use saitama's cape on Fist of the Pot Star.

Purple Guy: Become the man behind the slaughter by using a Knife on Saitama.

Oni: Gain this ability by using a Hellish Diary on Purple Guy.

Chara: Uh oh the Knife hit m... oh it gives me a stand nvm.

Standless Requiem: lol just use a Requiem Arrow on Standless.