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How to Obtain[]

Made in Heaven + Sonic's Shoes

Full Craft[]

Standless + Arrow = Whitesnake (Rare)

Whitesnake + DIO's Diary = C-Moon

C-Moon + DIO's Diary = Made in Heaven (99/100 chance)

Made in Heaven + Sonic Shoes = Sonic


Here is how Sonic and its pose look liked Original Author of this picture : Unknown

It does not have any changes to your avatar when you have Sonic, but you run and walk extremely fast just like Sonic himself.

Movesets ( Sonic )[]

( Keep in mind that there is no Q skill as you already equipped the spec once you evolve Made In Heaven with Sonic Boots )

E ( Barrage )[]

The user with Sonic will throw multiple punches at the enemy, deals small damage per hit to enemy. As the barrage goes on, it slowly speeds up. There is no limit to how much it speeds up, and at some point the barrage can one shot anyone. The downside is that the barrage can be cancelled by a Heavy Punch.

  • This Barrage is infinite ( Lasted forever until you stop holding E )

R ( Heavy Punch )[]

The user with Sonic will hit the enemy with a heavy blow, dealing 22.5 damage to the enemy ( Can hit multiple times if the opponent is against a wall )

  • If it hits twice, means it will deal 45 damage to the enemy

H ( Acceleration / Sprint )[]

When this skill is activated, The user will gain a speed and jump boost for around 25 seconds while playing Sonic X Theme US ver.

Z ( Stand Jump )

The user with Sonic will stand jump, travelling a moderate distance diagonally.

C ( Roll )

The user with Sonic will roll forward. The roll is very small and is spammable, but pressing C multiple times before launching yourself will cause it to be a much larger roll but longer cooldown.

X ( Normal Block )

The user with Sonic will do a defensive stance, dealing less damage from the enemy itself

G (Pose)[]

The Sonic User will jump into a ring and start play a theme: Sonic Mania OST: Studiopolis Act 1


Sonic + Hellish diary = Sonic.EXE

Fun fact[]

Sonic in AMA is the same character in a video game called Sonic the Hedgehog

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