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Soft and wet is a rare stand, the form on obtain is from arrow with chance is not yet known

E ) Stand Kick Barrage "Who are you?!"

Standard Kick Barrage that does 6 damage per hit!

R ) Spin Kick | "Soft and Wet"

A Spinning Kick that sends the target flying and does good damage

T ) Bubble Entrapment

A Slow moving bubble, that if you get hit by, makes you immobile. A very deadly move that can leave most people dead

X Bubble Block

Soft and Wet envelopes the user in a bubble, making all attacks do less damage than they usually would.

Z Bubble Float

Soft and Wet grabs its user and emits a bubble around them both, allowing them to glide in the air for a set amount of time.

Restored -YoinkYourSoul