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Silver Chariot Requiem Posing Menacingly

Silver Chariot Requiem is a passive stand obtained via using a Black Requiem Arrow on Silver Chariot.

Silver Chariot Requiem

Passives :

Regenerate 10 hp per second. Has 1000 HP

Walks at around 8 walkspeed, half of the normal walkspeed (16)

Time Stop Movement

You take half damage from all sources

Click: Requiem Arrow Stab

Does 50 damage.

E: Requiem power surge

Release a green dome that deals 125 damage to anyone hit

(sometimes hits twice dealing 250 damage)

R: Heavy Jab

Hard to hit, but the damage output of 250 DAMAGE makes it better.

F: I Dropped My Requiem Arrow!

Your walkspeed gets set to 50 for 5 seconds then back to 8