Silver Chariot, the rare stand, is shown in this image.

A player posing with their Silver Chariot

Silver chariot (SC for short) is a rare arrow stand that can be obtained with a 1% chance

Moveset:[edit | edit source]

LMB - Stab[edit | edit source]

SC dashes and stabs the enemy dealing 25 damage

E - Pincushion Barrage[edit | edit source]

a fast barrage that deals 7 damage per Strike

R - Sharp Strike[edit | edit source]

SC dashes forward while doing quick Stab that deals 36.4 damage and inflicts a 2 second damage

T - High Velocity Stab[edit | edit source]

SC launches it's Rapier (or sword) at the enemy and deals 50 damage (Leaves you vulnerable for couple seconds)

F - Armor Shed[edit | edit source]

SC removes it's armor reducing the cooldown on attacks, increasing the attack speed and also gives the user a 2x walkspeed boost

Z - Stand jump[edit | edit source]

jump high with the help of sc

C - roll[edit | edit source]

roll on the floor

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