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How to get Shiny The World Over Heaven: Use a DIO's Diary on The World: Heritage For The Future to get Shiny The World Over Heaven


(LMB) Deal 12.5 DMG

(E) Barrage DMG deals 4.5 DMG

(R) Strong Punch deals 42.5 DMG

(T) Heavy Punch (Erase Punch) deals 90 dmg

(Y) Heals allies in battle like a "Guy who became toxic and killing everyone infinitely and guy gets battled" or 1V1 (they call you teamers)

(B+Y) Heals the user

(F) Time Stop for 12-13 Seconds I think

(G) The user and stand poses

(H) Strikes the ground deals 50 DMG

(Z) Stand Leap

(C) A normal roll

(V) Throws a Glowing Knife

(N) "THIS IS THE GREATEST HIGH" *laughs* "ABSOLUTE WEAKLING!" "If this were a game of chess between us,this would easily class as checkmate"


(M) Stats:

Destructive Power: S

Speed: S

Durability: S

Shiny The World Over Heaven