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Shiny Sword is the stronger version of Sword and Anubis but it is more expensive. It costs 100 000 Lires (1M Lires ) in A Modded Adventure , You can obtain it at A Modded Shop which is nearby the spawn itself.


Unlike most of the stands, Shiny Sword only have 3 moves, Slice, Hard Hit, and Upwards Kick

  • E - Hard Hit ( Damage: Not too sure yet )
  • R - Slice (Damage: 30 per hit, 90 dmg in total)
  • T - Upwards Kick (Damage: 35)


Despite being stronger than Anubis and Sword as both of them were weaker than Shiny Sword ( Unless it was Anubis Over Heaven ). Shiny Sword can't be evolved

Quote and Pose[]

Unlike most of the stands, Shiny Sword does not have a quote nor a pose.

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