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Shiny Star Platinum using Star Finger.

Shiny Star Platinnom nom nom nom nom

um is a shiny stand obtained from a Arrow.

It can be evolved with a DIO's Diary to get Shiny Star Platinum Over Heaven.



Shiny Star Platinum barrages the opponent, doing 5 damage every punch. The damage increases each punch, also has a follow-up heavy punch that deals about 100,7 damage

R: Mach ORA:

Shiny Star Platinum heavy punches the enemy, dealing medium knockback and doing 50 damage.

T: Star Finger:

Shiny Star Platinum extends its finger, dealing 25 damage and knocking the target back pretty far.

F: Star Platinum: The World

Shiny Star Platinum stops time for 10 seconds very good for beating

people up


Good Grief.

I had a good time beating you up.

You're damn loud.