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Shiny Soft and Wet[]

"OK!" - Soft and Wet[]

Golden cheese And Wet is a shiny variant of「Soft And Wet」which is fully golden, along with green anchor designs.

Golden Soft is obtainable via a 1% chance from arrow


Name Description Cooldown Damage
[E] - ORA BARRAGE Soft And Wet starts throwing tons of leg

kicks, while screaming


5 Seconds 2-4 Damage Per Punch
[R]-HEAVY ORA KICK Soft and Wet does a spin kick dealing

heavy damage

~6-7 Seconds Medium / High
[T] - BUBBLE BLIND Throws a bubble intothe opponents eyes

blinding them, dealing

small damage

~10 Seconds Low damage, Blinds opponents for 5 Seconds.
[Y] - PLUNDER THROW Throws a bubble that makes the opponent slow

taking away friction

~7 Seconds Low / Medium
[F] - BUBBLE TRAP Throws a bubble

at the player and

levitates them for a little.

30 Seconds Does High Damage, and makes it so that the

opponent cannot use their

stand until the bubble pops.

[X] - BLOCK Creates a bubble around you blocking and suppressing

all damage done to you,but

slows down your movement


Almost Instant Defensive Move.
[Z] - BUBBLE JUMP Creates a bubblearound you

and increases your

movement speed and jump height.

20 Seconds Can be cut short if youstay on the floor or

press Z again.

[NOTE: This page needs the additional info of the the stands power stats. If you know them, add them.]

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