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Shadow the World Greatest High

now possible to get No picture yet because I'm lazy to create one and there aren't any STW:GH on the Internet

Shadow the World Greatest High or STW:GH is a evolution of The World Greatest High.

The evolution to get STW:GH is apparently unknown, but more information will be added in the future. The moveset should almost be the same as Shadow the World.

Possibly add a The World:Greatest High colour but with Shadow the Worlds body appearance. With glowing red eyes.

Stuff you should know

  • The World Greatest High
  • DIO'S Camera (Not a normal camera, and NOT effected by item chance times event)


Power: SS+

Durability: SSS

Speed:? (Depends on what combos you use and how you use it)


Hamon Allergy: You will be damaged 50% more when taking damage from Hamon users.

Greatest High: You have 500 Health due to the [GREATEST HIGH]

Vampiric Abilities: You regen 30 health each second

Rivraly: When fighting a Star Platinum or any evolution of it. The Star Platinum will gain the same health as STW:GH and a new move added to Star Platinum. Timestop movement. V The user of Star Platinum will be allowed to move in ts for a short amount of time.

Overpowered: Any stand that bypasses Timestop will be stopped in time as well (Easy for killing toxics or teamers)

More passives coming :D

Stand mode: On -


STW:GH punches the opponent dealing 16 dmg. Normal cooldown as any other LMB.

E (Greatest Uppercut)

STW:GH unleashes an uppercut to the air dealing 40-80 dmg depending on how much health the opponent has. Cooldown- 3 seconds

R (Shadow Combo)

STW:GH punches three time in a up down up motion, dealing 40 dmg each. Cooldown- 4 seconds

T (Skull Breaker)

STW:GH punches at full strength dealing 450 dmg, if the attack hit the opponent, the screen would be shortly blurry. Cooldown - 30 seconds

Y (SHINEI! AKA Kakyoin Donut)

STW:GH teleports behind the opponent and thrusting a punch into the chest creating a hole dealing 150 dmg. The move has immense knockback and a short bleeding effect dealing 10-50 dmg. Cooldown - 1 Minute

F (Za Warudo Toki wo Tomare! AKA Time Stop)

STW:GH stops time briefly for 11 seconds, during the animation the user shouts "Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare!" Cooldown - 2 minutes

P (Pose)

You do a nice Pose with music on whichever the developers chose if this gets added.

Stand mode: off -


The user does a swift crouch and jabs them in the ribs, dealing 25 dmg. Same Cooldown as any other LMB

Q (Knife throw)

The user throws 16 knives dealing 25 dmg each. In Timestop the user throws knives dealing 250 dmg . Cooldown- 25 seconds

E (Jab)

The user jabs the opponent dealing 30 dmg. Cooldown - 3 seconds

R (Rising Kick)

The User kicks the opponent into the air ragdolling the opponent decently high into the air. Cooldown - 3 Seconds

T (Space Ripper Stingy Eyes)

The user shoots out two purple rays dealing 60 damage each. Cooldown - 30 seconds

Y (Bloodsuck)

The user grabs the opponent by the neck draining their life. The user gains 120 health. Cooldown - 30 seconds

F (Rage)

The User delays an attack then charges forward dealing 200 dmg. Cooldown - 30 seconds

H (Are you really trying to shoot me?)

The user poses with a wine and DIO's book in your hands. If hit with any close ranged moves. you will teleport behind them. The opponent will be slowed by 70% and unable to use moves and LMB. Cooldown - 40 seconds

C (Roll/Dodge)

The user rolls in any direction they are facing and dodges any incoming attacks for the duration of the roll. Cooldown - 4 seconds

V (Dash)

The user dashes in any direction they are facing, easy to escape charged attacks but still can take damage. Cooldown - 6 seconds

B (Freezing Technique)

The user freezes the opponent with both hands, the opponent will be in the air and frozen. Shortly the user will smash the glass dealing 160 dmg. Cooldown - 30 seconds.

Alright thats enough for me - Made by a random wiki fellow. :> ill give more information