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STW full form

(this was vandalized and i fixed it)

Shadow The World Is Obtained By Using A Full Form Emerald On Shadow The World


Power: ?

Speed: A

Durability: ?

Stand Mode Off:

(There Is Only A Roll And No Jump)

LMB: A Crouched Kind Of Punch And Does 24 Damage

Q: Your Character Throws 6 Knifes Doing 150 - 50 Damage

E: Your Character Does A Kind Of Punch Which Does 39 Damage

R: Your Character Does A Kick Which Also Does 39 Damage

F: Your Character Does A Rush And Punches In Front Of Him Causing 75 Damage

T: Your Character Lets Out A Eye Beam Which Can Be Charged I'm Assuming This Makes It Do More Damage

Y: Your Character Strikes a pose And Explodes Causing Some Knockback And Doing 35 Damage To Everyone Around You (Doesn't Kill Your Character Just Does An Explosion)

P: Your Character Does A Sick Pose

- 2nd Best pose in game. <--(opinion)

V: You Dash Forward Pretty Fast And If You Hit Anybody You Bring Them Along With You

B: Your Character Does an uppercut Doing 75 Damage and grabbing them while you suck their blood and healing

N: Your Character Says URRRRRYYYYY, You Are Next.., You are watching me!? And Hmph..

C: A Roll

Stand Mode On: press z to activate

(There Is No Roll In Stand Mode On)

LMB: Shadow The World Full Form Comes Out An Punches Doing 12 Damage

E: Shadow The World Full Form Does A Punch Doing 48.99 Damage

R: Shadow The World Full Form Does 3 Punches Doing 49 DMG 39 DMG Then 49 DMG Again

F: Shadow The World Full Form Stops Time For 3 Seconds The Cooldown Is Around 45 Seconds

H: You Turn Around And Do A Pose With You Holding A Book And A Wine Glass If Anybody Attacks You While You’re In This Pose You'll Teleport To The Back Of Them And throw a single knife Doing 8 Damage. You should turn off shiftlock to actually hit the target

V: You Teleport Where You Put Your cursor or tap. (good distance)

N: Same Quotes As Stand Mode Off

Overall The Stand Is Pretty Good, Here Are The Exact Way To Get It || Man, this stand isn't very good cuz everyone can barrage you and its problem

Im Sure This Is It:

The World + Vampire Mask = Vampiric The World

Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow The World

Full Form Emerald + Shadow The World : Full Form|