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shadow the world

"Joseph Joestar.... ARE YOU WATCHING me, AREN'T YOU?!"[]



This Stand is very good in executing combos, because of both the moves and their hitboxes. This Shadow The World doesn't have the Stand Mode OFF/ON GUI, as it is saved for it's evolved form, "Shadow The World: Full Form".

You obtain this Stand by having Vampiric The World (You need The World and a vampire mask to obtain Vampiric The World.), and a camera.


PASSIVE: "My hands have already struck!"[]

For every second, you regenerate 2 percent of your health. It is unknown if you have the walk speed boost from 16-18.

LMB: Shadowy Punch[]

Shadow The World manifests and punches the target, dealing decent damage and slight knock back

Q: Double Knife Volley[]

The user brings out a pair of knives on each hand, and then throws these knives at the target, dealing GOOD and piercing damage.

E: Shadow Uppercut[]

Shadow The World manifests in-front of the user and uppercuts the enemy. While it doesn't launch them specifically, it deals good damage and knockback.

R: Kick

You kick out dealing 39 damage if someone is hit.

T: Space Ripper Stingy Eyes

You charge for a second and shoot out lasers from your eyes.

Y: Light Burst

You charge up and then release a wave of light dealing 35 damage and some knockback.

P: Pose

You pose and it plays menacing music in the background. You can slightly see Shadow The World in the pose.

F: Time Stop

This isn't a very good time stop as it only lasts for around 2-3 seconds. It doesn't have a very long cooldown though.

H: Another Pose?

You turn around and read DIO's diary while drinking wine. If you are hit during this, you teleport behind the attacker. You can use Shadow The World to punch behind you.

B: Blood Suck

You reach out and if you grab someone you deal 30 damage with good knockback.

N: Phrases

You're watching me?!

You're next.