Summary[edit | edit source]

Shadow Pot Platinum is obtainable by using a Reborn Arrow on standless. Shadow Pot Platinum closely resembles the appearance of Pot Platinum, but instead completely transparent and has red eyes and Dark gray-ish shoulderpads instead of blue.


E - Shadow barrage: SPP performs a relatively slow barrage that deals 6 damage per hit

R - Shadow strike: SPP strikes the opponent dealing 45 damage

T - Dark reality overwrite: SPP charges its fist then proceeds to strike the opponent dealing 87.5 damage

note: this move bypasses block and insta kills players below 30% hp

Y - Dark reality warping heal barrage: SPP barrages the target healing 0.7 hp per punch

B + Y - Dark reality warping self heal barrage: SPP barrages it's user healing 1,7 hp per punch

F - "Bring time to a hault": SPP stops time for about 7 seconds

V - "Chaos orb???": SPP charge its fist then proceeds to throw an orb dealing high damage

Z - Short Jump: a weaker version of the stand jump

LMB - Shadow punch: Deals 10 damage

Evolutions:[edit | edit source]

(Shadow Pot Platinum) + (Dio Diary) = (Green Platinum)

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