Scary monsters

scary monsters image

Scary monsters is a stand used by Diego brando in part 7 steel ball run

SM can be obtainbed by using the holy corpse's left eye on standless

Moveset:[edit | edit source]

Passive:[edit | edit source]

Your walkspeed and jump are boosted

note: your stand must be summoned in order for this passive to work

Q - Ominous Tail: summons a tail on your back activiting the passive

E - Usha barrage: a quick barrage that deals moderate damage per punch

R - Quick jab: a jab that deals good damage

T - Tail Strike: The user does a backflip to strike the opponents with their tail

F - "im gonna kill you dead!": the user sitsdown and charges for a while then proceeds to dash and strike the opponent dealing high damage

V - Dino dash: the user dashes in the direction they're facing

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