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In AMA ( A Modded Adventure itself ) , it has sandbox mode unlike other jojo games. In the Sandbox mode, you can have access to all stands and even unreleased stands like Trap Gun and Purple Husk itself ( Except for Admin and Custom Stands like Sally Platinum ).

How to go to Sandbox[]

In order to go to Sandbox mode, all you have to do is to type in :sandbox mode in the chat, no matter if you are in a public or private server , it might take a while before teleporting to the area itself. If you want to go back to the public server , Type :normal in the chat and wait for a few seconds ( May take longer than 10 seconds )

*The Sandbox Mode is only available for one user, so friends can't join you

Information about Sandbox Mode[]

In Sandbox Mode, it is the same map like in public and private server except you have no lires ( cash in A Modded Adventure ) but you have a stand changer icon on the left side of your screen

In the Stand Changer, you can have access to all stands in the game ( Stands / Specs , Unreleased Stands ) but you can't have access to Custom and Admin Stands in the Stand Changer. Keep in mind that you will not received the stand you are using in Sandbox Mode, because this mode is only for people who want to test how stand's moves and appearance looked like


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