Samurai is a spec that specializes in mobility

to obtain samurai you must complete "iwantbewinstons" quest .

Moveset:[edit | edit source]

LMB - Stab: the user stabs the target dealing 30 damage

E - Sakura blades: The user sheathes their katana then quickly unsheathes it releasing 2 thin projectiles Damage: 30 each slash.

T - Bushido sences: the user increases they're movement speed and jump height Time limit: 8

          Samurai                             Destruction: A+                          Speed: S-                      Durability: S

            Samurai            Destruction: A+          Speed: S-        Durability: S

R - Sakura strike: the user stabs the opponent dealing high damage and knockback Damage: 90

Note:suck my pp

Y "Dont skip leg day" the user slams the ground with they're feet anyone nearby will be dealt 90 damage

Note: this move bypasses blocks

other Note : can be paired with C for better mobility

F - "the way of the bushido" the user sheathes they're katana and charges for a while then proceed to unsheath they're katana slicing through enemies with high speeds. - Damage: 175

Note: this move bypasses blocks

X - Shield of the sword: lunge your katana into the ground, all damage is reduced while in this state

C - Samurai dash : the user dashes like a true samurai going further than a regular roll

Note:can be paired with other moves

Pros: High mobility and damage output, 8/10 block

Cons: Hard to follow up combos due to R's knocback, Limited moveset

Simple combos: (T can basically go with all of them if needed)

LMB + LMB + R (basic combo deals good damage) Damage: 150

LMB + LMB + E (basic combo with a ranged move) Damage: 120

Mini addition: LMB + LMB + R + E (Knockback into a ranged move for extra damage.) Damage: 210

R + C (easy) Damage: 90

Y + C + R + E + T + F (medium) Damage: 415

R + C + Y +R + E + LMB + LMB + R + C +LMB + C + R + F (hardest combo i could think of) Damage: 755

note : all hits must land if you want the total damage of these combos to be dealt

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