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Rokaka Fruit, which is originally called Locacaca Fruit is a type of fruit which allows you to have an ability to remove any type of stand you are having right now. The Fruit ( Rokaka Fruit ) originates from the 8th part of JJBA ( Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : Jojolion )


Here is a closer look on how Rokaka Fruit ( Originally called Locacaca Fruit ) looked like

Rokaka Fruit ( Originally called Locacaca Fruit ) was a red and spiky looking fruit , shaped like a sea urchin . The fruit itself is in a bright red colour, it also has spikes on the fruit itself

What can it used for?

Just like in most Jojo Games in Roblox , it can be used to remove any stand / spec from you. When using this fruit, there will be a GUI, which says " Are you sure you want to reset your ability? " with two options, yes or no. If you select yes, your stand / spec that you have on you as a fighting ability right now will be removed, but if you click no, your stand / spec will NOT be reset or removed

A GUI will popped out when you use the fruit. Two options are given in the GUI Here is how the GUI will looked like

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