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The World- Heritage of the future

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an arrow (Good luck actually obtaining it)

It can be evolved with DIO's Diary to get Retro The World Over Heaven.


Retro MUDAMUDAMUDA: Retro The World punches the opponent rapidly, dealing 5.5 damage every hit. Basically just The World's exact same barrage.

R: SHINEI!: Retro The World says a Retro 'WRRRRYYYYY' which makes your stand disabled then Retro The World will come out with a heavy punch dealing 49.5 to 59.6 damage.

T: CHECKMATE-DA: Retro The World throws a knife with a cooldown of 3 seconds, doing 25 damage. Will be extra powerful when used during time stop.This move is currently broken.

F: Time Stop: Exact same thing as normal The World's time stop. Retro The World puts the term of being a clone to the max.

Z: Stand Jump

G: Pose. Stand proud...literally. Doesn't do any damage, but makes people know that you are going to beat them up if they dare attack you at all.

( NEW MOVE) Y: Retro The World says a Retro 'MUDA-DA' with throwing a slow heavy punch dealing 50 damage.

(NEW MOVE) B: throws a kick barrage dealing 5.5 damage.

This stand is slightly stronger and weaker than normal The World, but you really should just grab that DIO's diary and start reading. You don't always see this stand that much, and it is even rarer to see the OH version. If you get this stand, just switch to your better stand and search for a diary. Because, really, this stand is just The World but with slight damage changes and less evolutions.