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Racist Platinum

Racist Platinum is a stand obtained by using an KKK Hood on Star Platinum.


Passive: Racism : Racist Platinum stuns any black people visible for unlimited seconds

Q: I Can't Breathe! : Racist Platinum pins the stunned black persons neck under his knee dealing 20 consecutive damage until the user cancels it.

E: Colored People Banisher : Many consecutive hits each dealing 6.909091e+109.

R: Ching Chong : Racist Platinum says "Ching Chong" that can anger and makes the chinks cry until their brains explode

T: Enslaver 3000: Enslaves any player disabling their stands, teleporting them to Cotton Farm realm and makes the user gain money, The user also can teleport to Cotton Farm realm with a whip and can smack the enslaved players gaining more money.

F: Ku Klux Klan! : Racist Platinum brings more Ku Klux Klan Members that kill any people they see [Except the user]

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