A Modded Adventure Wiki

Purple Guy/Man Behind The Slaughter

You add on 4 (sometimes more) HP every second unless you have full health (400).

- This stand does not move around fast so consider this when you are thinking about getting it.

Left mouse button/Left of touchpad

A punch that deals 10 damage - can be spammed.

The E button

A very fast barrage dealing around 8 damage per hit - regens after 5 seconds.

The R button

You wind up your fist and punch which emits a particle like a shockwave and it deals 30 damage per hit - regens after 8 seconds pass.

The T button

You strike a menacing pose that turns you about 70 degrees anti-clockwise and if you are hit the attacker is sent into a ragdoll and you teleport behind them giving you an advantage to kill.

The Y button

A blood suck, you bring your arm backwards like the R move and if you hit the player you deal 30 damage and add that on to your HP - this lasts around 3 seconds.

The F button

You cover your face with both hands then release them and scream at the sky, that will make a time stop occur 2 seconds after you scream and it last around 9 seconds.

The N button

Your quote. "My heart is burning with the heat of a raging fire! Feel the resonating beat of my pulse!"

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