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Its Unobtainable so use :sandbox to get Sandbox and get Pot Plat :D

well here are the moves

Pot plat.png

E: ora: Uses a barrage that has a infinite duration: Dealing high damage per hit (77)

R.heavy pot: Pot platinum unleashes swinging hit pot hat dealing 275 damage and lol no cooldown

T or maybe Y.ultra pot: Pot platinum holds 2 pots swinging both of them dealing half of damage with the highest health stand:spec in game (chariot req 1k hp 500 dmg) some type of 4 cooldown (secconds)

F.timestop stops time for 5 seconds spam

H.ground slam: Pot platinum Grabs his pot and slams it onto the ground Dealing same damage as heavy pot: (no cooldown)

6high jump:does a high jump (17 secconds)



power: Amazing

durabillity: Good

speed: meh

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