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Oni is a spec, that is obtained by using a Hellish Diary on Purple Guy. Players who use Oni wear an Oni's Outfit and Caestus gloves that are engulfed in red flames. You can evolve it into Sticky Fingers with a Zipper Arm.



"Demonic Flame"

  • Every attack inflicts a fire effect onto the opponent, lasting for roughly 5 seconds.



"Basic Punch"

  • Normal punch that deals 15 damage.


"Leg Breaker"

  • The user kicks at the opponent's legs, dealing 60 damage to them. May also knock down opponent, average knock down time lasts 3 - 5 seconds.


"Rising Dragon"

  • The user performs two rising, spinning uppercuts that launch the opponent up into the air. Then, the user follows up with a punch, knocking the opponent down on the ground. Each uppercut deals 45 damage.


"Demon Flip"

  • The user flips forward and slides on the ground, dealing 7.5 damage per hit.


"Axe Kick"

  • The user performs a downwards, spinning kick. This deals 50 damage.


"Demon Step"

  • The user glides in the direction they're facing, leaving a dark trail behind them.

Playing Oni

Despite Oni's lack of offensive moves, they deal very high damage and can be used as combo material. Comboing with Oni is easy, but you can rely on these combos:

  • R > T > Y (222.5 damage)
  • E > Y (110 damage)
  • T > E (82.5 - 97.5 damage)
  • E > R (195 damage)

Fighting Oni

Just press F. :) pog

on a more serious note, if you're a time-stopping stand, use your ts as much as you can i guess

evade the oni's attacks and bait them to use their moves. when they have their moves on cooldown you can do whatever the hell you want


  • Oni is a reference to Rogue Lineage's Oni class, which in itself is a reference to Akuma from Streetfighter. Referception.
  • The outfit Oni users wear is actually made by Blotnik, a clothing creator.
  • Demon Step's animation is actually the animation for Rising Dragon. Whoops.
  • Did you know that you can glide in-air with Demon Step?
  • Oni has no pose neither a stand jump.