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Oni is a spec, that is obtained by using a Hellish Diary on Purple Guy. Players who use Oni wear an Oni's Outfit and Caestus gloves that are engulfed in red flames. You can evolve it into Sticky Fingers with a Zipper Arm.



"Demonic Flame"

  • Every attack inflicts a fire effect onto the opponent, lasting for roughly 5 seconds.



"Basic Punch"

  • Normal punch that deals 15 damage.


"Leg Breaker"

  • The user kicks at the opponent's legs, dealing 60 damage to them. May also knock down opponent, average knock down time lasts 3 - 5 seconds.


"Rising Dragon"

  • The user performs two rising, spinning uppercuts that launch the opponent up into the air. Then, the user follows up with a punch, knocking the opponent down on the ground. Each uppercut deals 45 damage.


"Demon Flip"

  • The user flips forward and slides on the ground, dealing 7.5 damage per hit.


"Axe Kick"

  • The user performs a downwards, spinning kick. This deals 50 damage.


"Demon Step"

  • The user glides in the direction they're facing, leaving a dark trail behind them.

Playing Oni[]

Despite Oni's lack of offensive moves, they deal very high damage and can be used as combo material. Comboing with Oni is easy, but you can rely on these combos:

  • R > T > Y (222.5 damage)
  • E > Y (110 damage)
  • T > E (82.5 - 97.5 damage)
  • E > R (195 damage)

Fighting Oni[]

Just press F. :) pog

on a more serious note, if you're a time-stopping stand, use your ts as much as you can i guess

evade the oni's attacks and bait them to use their moves. when they have their moves on cooldown you can do whatever the hell you want


  • Oni is a reference to Rogue Lineage's Oni class, which in itself is a reference to Akuma from Streetfighter. Referception.
  • The outfit Oni users wear is actually made by Blotnik, a clothing creator.
  • Demon Step's animation is actually the animation for Rising Dragon. Whoops.
  • Did you know that you can glide in-air with Demon Step?
  • Oni has no pose neither a stand jump.