In other jojo games u get this from arrow

Picture Of One More Time In Use.png

To Get One More Time You Need To Find A Hat That Randomly Spawns Across The Map, After Finding It Use The Hat On Standless.

E: Barage[edit | edit source]

Barrage Will Last For Around 5 Seconds, And Hits Around Twice Every Second, These Hits Will Do 4 Damage.

R: Heavy Punch[edit | edit source]

Heavy Punch Will Wind Up Until Finally Releasing, Doing 30 Damage And Knocking The Opponent Away.

T: Loud Scream[edit | edit source]

Loud Scream Will Release A White Orb And A Scream, Loud Scream Will Hit For 69 Damage And Also Knock The Opponent Away.

G: Pose[edit | edit source]

When Pressing G The Player Will Stop In Their Place And An Oof-Remixed Song Will Start Playing.

Z: Spinning Dash[edit | edit source]

Spinning Dash Will Lift The Player Of The Ground, Where They Spin Uncontrollably, They Will Also Start Flying Forwards For 4 Seconds, Very Good For Traversing.

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