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Welcome new player, to this Very Dead JoJo Game! If you're new to jojo games and have no idea what is going on, read on.

So your first question might be, 'what's a stand?'

Stands are a representation of somebody's life energy (canonically speaking) in AMA, you use arrows to get a random arrow stand. Stands are usually used in combat, but also have abilities of their own. For example, Silver Chariot has great swordsmanship and Hierophant Green can fire off little emeralds as projectiles.

Here's a list of some of the most common arrow stands:

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (shortened to D4C, and can be evolved using a Holy Corpse)

Star Platinum (shortened to SP, can be evolved using a DIO diary, bootleg diary and Jotaro's Requiem Arrow)

Star Platinum: Heritage For The Future (shortened to SPHFTF or RSP, can be evoled using a DIO diary)

King Crimson: Doppio (shortened to KCD or DKC, can be evolved using frogs)

Hierophant Green (shortened to HG, has no evolutions)

Crazy Diamond (shortened to CD, can be evolved with a Requiem Arrow)

Now that you've used an arrow, time to teach you about CONTROLS.

All stands use the Q key to summon them.

Most stands have this set of keybinds:

LMB for basic punch, E (hold) for barrages, R as a heavy move, T is usually a ranged move or a backup melee ability, Y and B+Y and V+Y are for healing most of the time, and F are for ultimate abilities and more (e.g The World timestop, or Crazy Diamond's healing mode) Some stands, also have a J ability. In most jojo games it is for a beatdown, and here it is mostly no different.

By the way, be sure to ask other players for controls if you ever get a new stand.

Happy with your stando, huh? Time to meet the alternatives, specs!

Specs are not stands, more so a physical technique for combat. For example, Hamon uses power similar to sunlight energy making it very effective against vampires, zombies and more.

Read below to see the specs that you can get in-game:

Vampire (use a vampire mask on any stand that is not basic the world or star platinum: the world)

Hamon (you can buy it from the shop located near the middle of the map)

Spin (buy it from gyro for 10,000 Lire, which is the money in this game)

Kars (use a vampire mask on Vampire)

Kars Ultimate Life Form (very strong, use an Aja Mask on Kars)

Fist of the Pot Star (buy it from a menacing dummy for 1,000,000 Lire)

Fist of the Pot God (use a Pot God's Essence on Fist of the Pot Star)

...and the list goes on!

Thanks for reading my little guide. I hope you enjoy the game!

More will come so check back often!

Im gonna take the spot for whoever made this guide so

the game is based on the JoJo's Bizzare Adventures Anime

you wouldnt understand jojo stuff if you never watched it or still watching part 1 phantom blood and will never know about stuff that are in part 3 - part 5

so you have Infinte Stand Arrows it gives you stands You have infinte Rokakaka fruit it deletes your stand but you can use the stand arrow again

Toxic Players: will be explained at the end of part 2 guide

Bosses: The DIO boss from stardust crusaders part 3 JoJo It has 4050 health some stands can beat the Boss easily but beware it can time stop and will kill you if you have no time stop movement

Funny Valentine the Antagonist of Steel Ball Run Part 7 manga JoJo same health but new moves a kick and 3 punch r deals 25 dmg barrage and 65 dmg kick so it has love train will be explained in the steel ball run manga it sends the user in a pocket dimension and will reflect any stand dmg to the opponent some stands bypass it which will be a faster kill but you can always wait it out.

You can find stands and it says how to get the stand you want in the wiki and learn the controls and much more about it

theres a tier list prevents you from being scammed theres a pvp tier list tells you which stands are better in combat.

now last but not least the toxic players

Toxic players in AMA are uncommon to be seen in a server they trash talk you and always kills you but I beaten toxic guy that keeps exploding my brain when they call me toxic when i say ez when they said ez first then they record it i dont really care but im just saying in the chat so the viewers of the guy recording may send hate and dislikes so i beaten them with Meme Experience Requiem (you dont really know what stand it is but it is really rare you can click on it to find more information about it) i record the toxic players back with team they call teamers a teamers when there the one is a teamer im friends with a guy who records toxic 11 yrs old getting beaten so they do call runners and teamers in a fighting game when running is called healing or finding a way to beat them.

Toxic players are just ez to beat unlike other complicated jojo games.

So thats the part 2 guide more coming soon