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Stand Storage ( Siffori and linsonder6 )

( This is an updated version of this page due to the map revamp )

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NPCs, also known as Non- Player Characters can be found around the map in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ). NPCs are either interactable or not interactable


Tree Dummy ( NPC's avatar does not have any changes despite having the map revamp )

Some NPCs are very useful while others were useless as they have no functions. However some of them turned out to be useful because of their functions. Here are some types of NPCs you can see in AMA ( A Modded Adventure )

Enhanced Dummy ( Unlike Normal Dummy, it can deflect and negated normal attacks like barrage unless you have a passive that can remove their negation )

Testing NPCs

Test Dummy, which is also known as Normal Dummy.

Dummy - There are two types of Dummy in AMA, one of them is the normal one while the other one can negated some skills unless they have a specific passive to damage it without getting negated. A Dummy or Enhanced Dummy can be used to test your movesets for your stand, they are also immortal ( i think ) so you can practice your skill all you want

Gyro Zeppeli

Stand / Spec Related

( Stand / Spec Related NPCs are NPCs which can gives you a stand by buying it or obtainable by completing quests )

Tree Dummy - ( Which is also known as Menacing Dummy ) It was located leaning the tree between buildings before the map revamp, now it is near where the dummy are spawned while leaning a building. This Dummy / NPC is for buying the spec called Fist of the Pot Star for 1000000 lers ( 1M Lers )

Gyro Zeppeli - Gyro is a character in JJBA ( Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ) appears in Steel Ball Run ( 7th part of JJBA ) as a deuteragonist. He is used to buy a spec called Spin for 3K Lers, which later on can be evolved into Tusk 1-4 using Holy Corpse


iwantbewinston - This NPC is located near the snowy terrain, which gives you a quest in order to get a spec called Samurai. Due to the map revamp, its avatar and its location changed

Stand Storage ( linsonder and Siffori ) - This NPCs can help you to store a stand / spec ( Requires 3K Lers in order to store a stand / spec ), the maximum you can store is 6 stands / spec

Item Related NPC

( Item Related NPCs are NPCs you can either buy from , sell or even try your luck to get a good item you really need, here are some NPCs that are Item Related )

Unnamed NPC in a shack in the forest ( No longer seen in game ) - You can go there to roll a item to see what item you can get for a specific amount of lers. Due to the map revamp and its unusable functions, this NPC is no longer seen in the game

Shop Dummy - This Dummy sells items, here are some items you can buy from

  1. Sword: Costs 13500 lers ( Spec )
  2. Shiny Sword : Costs 100000 lers ( 100K and it is a spec )
  3. Hamon: Costs 2000 lers ( 2K and it is a Stand )
  4. Vampire: Costs 2500 lers ( Stand )
  5. Trowel: Costs 100000 lers ( A item which can be used to dig up DIO's Grave area )

Fun fact : Due to its map revamp, the Shop Dummy was replaced with the recent outfit of the owner ( petgod101 )

Black Market - It is called terminatornineir. This NPC can help to sell items for some lers. Here are list of some items you can sell to terminatornineir ( Black Market ) and about how much it sells

  1. Cone : Gives you 10000 lers ( 10k )
  2. Saitama's Cape : Gives you 20000 lers ( 20K )
  3. Vampire's Mask: Gives you 30000 lers ( 30K )
  4. DIO's Diary : Gives you 50000 lers ( 50K)
  5. Hellish Diary : Gives you 80000 lers ( 80K )
  6. Camera : Gives you 100000 lers ( 100K )
  • This NPC just has a bunch of roblox cap. Due to the map revamp his location changed it can be found between 2 oranges houses near Dio's coffin
  • Before the map revamp, this NPC was called POOF, which has a Noob Head and wears a black tuxedo, it is available near the spawn area


( Bosses are NPCs which is available in A Modded Adventure, it can give you items ( depends ) if you defeat the boss )

DIO - DIO is one of the boss NPC in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ) that will spawn in DIO's Grave area every 1 hour. If you defeat DIO, you will may have a chance to get DIO's Diary, which can be used to evolve some stands in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ). DIO also have a passive called Timestop Movement, which allows him to move in other's timestop

Shop ( The current avatar of the Owner of AMA )

Funny Valentine - Funny Valentine ( FV ) is another boss NPC in AMA ( A Modded Adventure ) that can be found like Woodland part of the map ( I am not too sure where it now spawns due to its map revamp ). This boss NPC will spawn every 45 minutes and gives you a Holy Corpse if you defeated him

No Use NPCs ( Before the map revamp )

( This NPC is not interactable, maybe it is because for decoration or even add function to this NPCs one day, who knows?, These types of NPCs are removed from the game after the map revamp )

Siffori - Can be located near Samurai teacher, which is basically useless as she had no function

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