A Modded Adventure Wiki

rarity = S+ Tier 5th Place

Get Golden Experience by arrow 0.01-1% chance of getting depends on your luck and use a Bootleg's Diary and a Requiems Arrow to get Meme Experience Requiem

E: MUDA Barrage deals 19 dmg per hit and lasts for 3 seconds, ends with a Muda punch

R: Muda punch 45 dmg

T: shoots a life form beam deals 30 and health dissolves 10 dmg fast when the scorpion is on the opponent's face

Y: heals 45 health

F: Loud GER Sleep


G: Pose

H: shoots so many pellets aims at where your cursor is on

Passive A: Loud korega requiem da scream

Passive B: sees King Crimson time erase or prevents it

Passive C: you will never reach reality it will cancel a persons ts or te with a x inside mer and the player posing with and whenever a basic stand hits the player while in revert back to 0 they get damaged back dealing 75 dmg for every hit

Passive D: annoys players because it is too loud

I still have it so